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Public Affairs

Relates to the most effective use of PR to change or enlist political or public opinion utilising either lobbying or broader grassroots public affairs tactics including media and on-line relations. The target audience should be clearly identified. Where advertising has also been utilised in the campaign, the judges will look for evidence of the distinct role and results of public affairs and lobbying.


Financial Services

Campaign Categories: Sectors

This award will be given for the most effective ongoing business or consumer campaign or one-off project undertaken by or on behalf of a company operating specifically in the financial services (banking, insurance, mortgages, life assurance etc) sector.


Healthcare: Ethical & OTC Consumer

Campaign Categories: Sectors

This category covers ongoing work or one-off projects undertaken by an in house pharmaceutical companies PR team or on behalf of a pharmaceutical company relating to ethical (prescription only) drugs. This category also covers also ongoing work or one-off projects relating to licensed OTC medicines and other consumer healthcare products and targeted at consumers, either directly or through pharmacists, GPs, other primary care professionals or retailers who interface with the general public. Campaigns can be at any stage in a product lifecycle and include communications with target audiences such as prescribers, primary care departments, NHS budget holders, patient groups and specialist media as well as disease awareness and direct to consumer work. Campaigns lobbying central or local government or government agencies should be entered into the public affairs category.


Marketing Communications: FMCG, Health, Beauty, Retail and Fashion

Campaign Categories: Sectors

Applicable to campaigns covering goods such as soft drinks, toiletries (excluding beauty products), toys, processed foods, alcohol and cleaning products.


Marketing Communications: Automotive and Transport

Applicable to campaigns covering motor vehicles, services, in-car entertainment, fuel, tyres, dealers, distributors etc. Also applicable to campaigns covering all forms of transportation.


Marketing Communications: Culture Media, Sport and Travel

Campaign Categories: Sectors

Includes campaigns for the arts, cultural events, museums, music, sports, travel and leisure.


B2B Campaign

Relates to an ongoing or one off campaign where the Business community is the target audience.


City & Corporate Communications

This award will be given to the best ongoing or one- off campaign of a corporate brand carried out in house or on behalf of the organisation (as opposed to specific branded products or services). Such campaigns should be targeted primarily at the business, City or investor relations community –although it can also include corporate reputation campaigns aimed at the public. The category is open to companies and/or consultancies operating in any sector. Entries can include: corporate rebranding and repositioning projects; reputation management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), merger, acquisition, flotation or rights issue PR. The judges will look for a strategic approach to the development of activity; evidence of success in building corporate reputation, enhancing company positioning, communicating with investor or other stakeholder, or achieving other corporate goals. In the case of CSR related projects, tangible benefits to the communities in which the organisation operates will also be taken into account, although the level of resource allocated to the project will not be material in selecting the winner.



This category will recognise the most effective work for or by a charity, voluntary or not for profit organisation, including campaigning and patient groups. Particular attention should be paid to the cost-effectiveness of the campaign, and in the case of fundraising activities, to the monies received.


Public Sector

Open to government departments, local authorities and public sector agencies and bodies including the police, and local authorities, PR agencies may also enter who have carried out work for an authority, but only as a joint entry with the authority. This award will be given for the most effective campaign or communications programme on a single topic e.g. health, road safety, crime, environment. These can include media relations, use of on-line media, posters, publications and Consultation processes.



This award will be given for the most effective ongoing business or consumer campaign or one-off project undertaken by or on behalf of a company operating specifically in the technology sector (e.g. telecoms, mobile technology, apps, computers software or The judges will note campaigns that focus on green issues in this market sector.


Best Integrated Campaign

This award will recognise the creativity, innovation, impact and effectiveness of an integrated campaign. Entry is open to in-house teams, full-service agencies or a combination of agencies from different marketing disciplines. The idea must be PR-led, and the role that PR played in the strategic development and implementation must clearly be stated. Please explain the role different marketing disciplines played in the campaign and why they were assigned these roles. Please give details of the tangible outcomes of the campaign.


Best Use of a Small Budget

This category will award the most successful use of a small budget (under £30,000) in a one-off campaign. This category applies to all in-house and agency PR teams across all sectors.


Best Use of Content

Campaign Categories: Techniques

This award will be given for the most effective use of content by a consultancy, in-house team or a combination of both. The objectives, strategy and method deployed should be clearly set out. Entry should include methods of how content was distributed, used to attract and retain audience and how the content is enhancing audience behaviour. Judges will also be looking for the creativeness and innovativeness of the distribution along with specific evaluation discussing engagement and customer retention.


Best PR Event

This category recognises the use of a brand event activity or live event to build the value and reputation of a brand, or fulfill a communication need for a brand or organisation as part of a wider, strategic PR campaign. It could be a concert, product launch, conference, roadshow, field marketing activity, sponsorship, stunt or guerrilla opportunity, but it will have incorporated live event skills to bring a brand to life in the eyes of end users. It is important that the nature of the event, strategy, context within an overall PR campaign, planning, logistics, production and subsequent execution and measured effect should be summarized clearly along with details of expert design, production, logistics and support teams employed.


Most Innovative use of Digital and Social Media

This category covers PR campaigns where the focus of activity was digital in nature. This includes PR-led viral campaigns and social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Bebo etc). It could also include campaigns with a strong element of video or other broadcast content via digital channels. Entry is open to clients, consultancies or a combination of the above. The judges will look for evidence of a creative and innovative use of the medium and of the project’s effectiveness in its own right. Judges will also be looking for evidence that the medium was integrated fully into the campaign from the beginning of the planning process and had a pivotal role within the campaign. Please focus on the tangible outcomes of the campaign rather than the audience reach.


Best Use of Creativity

Campaign Categories: Techniques

This award will be given for the most effective use of creativity within a campaign run by a consultancy, in-house team or a combination of both. Your entry should outline the aim/s of the campaign, the creative ideas injected into it and carried out to make the campaign a success. Please note this category will solely focus on the innovative and creativeness of the campaign. Judges will be looking for the inspiration, overall concept (visually and with text to support), innovative strategy from idea to execution, and managing any risk of the campaign.  Please note that long-listed entrants for this category will be invited to attend a meeting as part of the judging process.  Date TBC.


Best Use of Planning, Strategy and Evaluation

Campaign Categories: Techniques

This award will recognise outstanding Planning and strategy as the basis of a PR campaign. Entries should show whether plans were commissioned specifically for the campaign. Please specify how the project fed into the overall PR strategy and detail the campaign’s business outcomes. Entries should include details of the demographic target audience and how they were engaged through the campaign.


Issues Management and Crisis Management

This award will be given for the most effective management of an issue or crisis by a consultancy or in- house team or a combination of both.


Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Entries should describe how ongoing strategic communication or a significant project has engaged internal stakeholders such as managers, employees, and trade unions.


**NEW FOR 2017** Best Influencer Marketing Campaign

Campaign Categories: Techniques

This category will award the most effective, innovative and creative campaign that uses one or more social media influencer to achieve its aims. The idea must be PR-led, although we will not exclude entries that involve payment or other incentives to influencers; however, please detail these in your entry. Judges will be looking for details of how the influencer marketing element was incorporated into other parts of the campaign and clear evidence that the goals had been reached or exceeded. This includes outcomes rather than merely social media analytics data. For the benefit of this award, we are defining a social media influencer as an individual or group that has become influential off the back of their own social media platform or platforms. It excludes anyone with pre-existing fame (eg: actors, sportspeople, reality TV stars).


**NEW FOR 2017** Best Use of New Technology

Judges will be looking at innovative and effective ways that new technology, such as VR or AI, has been incorporated into campaigns. Successful entrants will need to demonstrate that the new technology was not merely an ‘add on’ to the campaign but was pivotal to its achievement. Please provide clear data to show the campaign had delivered the desired outcome.


Small Consultancy of the Year

People & Agencies

Open to any PR consultancy generating fees from the UK market of less than £5m annually.


Mid-sized Consultancy of the Year

People & Agencies

Open to any PR consultancy generating fees from the UK market between £5m and £15m annually.


Large Consultancy of the Year

People & Agencies

Open to any PR consultancy generating fees from the UK market in excess of £15m annually. Your entry into large consultancy of the year should cover three A4 sheets of paper.a


New Consultancy of the Year

People & Agencies

Open to any consultancy which has been trading for up to 24 months.


Specialist Consultancy of the Year

People & Agencies

This category is open to any PR consultancy and specialist division within a PR consultancy whose business is concentrated on a specific sector, whether an industry sector, a market segment or a PR discipline (e.g. healthcare, technology; youth; or broadcast PR).


Young PR Professional of the Year

People & Agencies

Open to PR professionals in consultancies and in- house teams, who are under the age of 30 on 30 June 2017. 


**NEW FOR 2017** Game Changer/Big Thinker

Judges will look at the individual or organisation that has devised and developed an idea that has changed the industry for the better. Judges will be looking at originality of the idea and evidence of its success, including its influence on the wider sector.



**NEW FOR 2017** Force for Good

People & Agencies

This new, special award recognises the individual or organisation whose selfless actions related to the PR industry have benefited society or specific communities. There may be a particular focus on charitable work or actions to provide opportunities for under privileged members of society.


**NEW FOR 2017** Best Agency Outside London (Headquarters outside M25)

Given the concentration of PR agencies inside London, this new award recognises the most accomplished agency outside the capital. Judges will be looking at commercial achievements (eg: revenue and profit growth, client wins, employee numbers), as well as creative successes and an ability to innovate. The award is open to any agency that has its headquarters outside the M25. Agencies that have an office in London but are headquartered elsewhere in the UK will be eligible.



In-house Team of the Year

Gold Awards

Open to any in-house team within the private and corporate sector, local government, government agencies, health authorities, trade unions and trade bodies as well within NGOs, charities or other not-for profit organisations.


Gold: Consultancy of the Year

Gold Awards

All agencies entered into the agency of the year categories will be considered for this award. This category cannot be entered into.


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