Bring In Your Parents

Brands2Life / LinkedIn


“Bring In Your Parents Day is a thing—and it's all LinkedIn's fault”  said Bloomberg, revealing how in three years this campaign has grown from an idea into a movement.

First launched by Brands2Life to move LinkedIn’s image away from job hunting and to make the brand more approachable, it’s now LinkedIn’s flagship global corporate communications campaign, described as a “game-changer” by CEO, Jeff Weiner.

‘Bring In Your Parents’ (BIYP) was brought to life following one simple insight; parents have a wealth of knowledge but they often don’t share this because they don’t know enough about what we do. 

Now in year three, we wanted to delve deeper into the theme of parental advice and unveiled a new style of parenting: the “Lighthouse Parent”. This term, coined by LinkedIn’s partner Dr. Alexandra Beauregard, defines this parenting style as “remaining available for consultation without being overbearing.”

For the first time, Brands2Life executed a socially-led campaign for BIYP and successfully shifted the focus from company participation, to individual engagement, surpassing all aims and expectations.

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