Holland & Barrett - Supercharge It

Pegasus / Holland & Barrett


Holland & Barrett’s superfoods category was is in decline by 27 per cent year on year, so we were tasked with the challenge to encourage 40+ women to try superfoods for the first time through buying in stores or website. Customer insight told us that everyone wants to be a healthier, but often, they don’t do it. Because it seems too hard, too big, too long. Too expensive. Too much effort. We needed to make a health campaign feel easy. The result was a “Feel better by supercharging your day with help from Holland & Barrett” integrated strategy that turned the 27 per cent sales decline in superfoods around, with category sales in the three week ‘Supercharge It’ period up +30 per cent year on year (adding an additional £239,300 in value sales) and units up +97 per cent year on year (adding an additional 101,900 unit volume sales).


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