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Krispy Kreme is a US brand famed for its Double Dozen doughnuts. Having launched in the UK in 2003, the brand had already established itself as an office treat, but never had the infrastructure to deliver big, corporate orders without compromising on product quality. This changed in September 2014 as the business figured out a production and distribution model that enabled it to deliver large quantities of doughnuts.

On a £10,000 budget, Krispy Kreme needed an engaging idea that could reach multiple business-to-business audiences and deliver a very simple message: that Krispy Kreme’s fresh doughnuts were now available for big occasions.

Leaning on the heritage of the iconic Krispy Kreme Double Dozen, we simply super-sized the offering to produce the Krispy Kreme Occasions Double Hundred Dozen (2,400 doughnuts housed in a giant, 12 foot by 3 foot Krispy Kreme box) and made it available to win to the company that could generate the most amount of social support around a #KKOccasions hashtag.

The campaign generated over 100 pieces of coverage and thousands of branded social media mentions reaching over 28 million people. Traffic to the website increased by over 500% and Krispy Kreme smashed its sales targets by over 100%.

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