La Maison Maille's Fete de la Gastronomie

Kaper / Maille


London. Arguably the food capital of the world. (OK, OK, we said arguably.)

So how do you attract the attention of food lovers in a city saturated by food fashions and fads, Michelin star resaurants and no-reservation pop-ups? To get a slice of the action Maille had to be as creative as the food scene itself and make a meaningful, can’t-miss moment.

Introducing La Maison Maille’s Fête de-la Gastronomie, a two-week festival of PAR-LON avour, culminating in a unique dining experience where London’s Southbank was transformed into Paris’ iconic Left Bank.

The result was millions of food lovers engaged and +13% Retail Sales Value for the business. 


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