Maddox Yellow for Vauxhall Motors

Kaper / Vauxhall Motors


Pensioner’s Yellow Corsa Vandalised for Ruining Picturesque Cotswold’s Village View.

Doesn’t sound like the start of a great PR story for Vauxhall, does it?

But as an inherently human brand, with British humour at its heart, we felt Vauxhall was uniquely placed to get involved, right this wrong and turn it to the brand’s advantage.

Step 1? A new Corsa for Pensioner Peter Maddox of course. But there has to be more we can do to fight his, and our corner.

How about renaming Vauxhall’s yellow paint in his honour... introducing, Maddox Yellow. And what about joining a convoy of hundreds of yellow cars celebrating Peter and his yellow Corsa, driven through the very village whose view was challenged.

Cue blanket news coverage including BBC News at Ten, one very happy pensioner and of course a happy client.

A simple reactive press office idea that caught the imagination of the British public to deliver positive brand fame for Vauxhall. 

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