Pharma specialist 90TEN followed three years of unprecedented growth with its most successful year to date, as fee income rose 41 per cent to £5m in 2017.

The firm reduced its dependency on its biggest client, added nine significant clients and expanded to include new advocacy and design companies. It also worked with 10 of the 20 biggest global pharma companies, including the top three: Pfizer, Novartis and Roche.

Successful campaigns included ‘Flight HIV101’, promoted through the Grindr app, which focused on HIV-positive drag queen Panti Bliss taking control of the ‘long haul’ of living with HIV; and ‘Break the flu cycle’, which challenged the idea that ‘one flu vaccine fits all adults’.

The workforce grew more than a third, to 42, with 15 promotions and 10 per cent of profits shared in bonuses. The agency also scored highly on diversity: 64 per cent of the leadership team were women and 18 per cent from ethnic minorities.

90TEN launched its Life Changing wellbeing policy in 2017. This offers enhanced maternity cover and pensions, £300 clothing allowance and £300 for ‘something life-changing’, and allows staff to leave at 3pm on summer Fridays.

The firm won 75 per cent of pitches and retained 100 per cent of its clients in 2017. It all points to a winning formula.

Judge's comment:
"A game-changing agency the industry can be proud of. A clear mission they live up to. Amazing growth, too"

Executive Summary
Following three years of unprecedented growth 90TEN continued to outperform in the sector with its most successful year to date, despite a challenging sector environment.

2017 was the year of diversification where the company expanded its service offering and team to provide greater depth and breadth of expertise opening up the potential for new growth opportunities.

The company's entrepreneurial team and spirit continues to drive its success led by the unfaltering passion of its staff to deliver campaigns that delight clients, change behaviours and ultimately improve the lives of people everywhere.