Amy O'Connor

Amy O'Connor, 90TEN
"Nobody taps into the psyche of patients more and inspires their colleagues to do the same than Amy O’Connor." So says her employer, and O’Connor’s achievements since joining 90TEN in 2016 are astounding by anyone’s standards.

On the campaigns front, she led a targeted testing initiative that led to a 94 per cent reduction in HIV infection risk in gay men in the UK, and contributed to a 10 per cent increase in child flu-vaccination uptake in key regions through a ‘family-first’ media story lead by TV’s Dr Ranj Singh.

The strong performance of her campaigns has pushed O’Connor’s client portfolio to be worth more than £1.1m – 22 per cent of 90TEN’s total income – with an average 25 per cent organic growth across key accounts over the past financial year.

The 90TEN board agreed to her idea to create 20SENSES, an agency specialising in patient-community-led education and comms. She built it from scratch, and secured four new clients worth £500,000 in fees last year.

Elsewhere, O’Connor built and managed internal surveys and focus groups that led to the creation of 90TEN’s new Life Changing staff-benefits package. This includes reduced summer working hours, where the team get to leave at 3pm on Fridays; enhanced maternity cover and pensions; £300 clothing allowance and a £300 allowance to do something life-changing. The agency credits this package as a key factor in its 81 per cent staff retention.

With such achievements in just two years, the future is bright for this talented PR pro.

Judge's comment
"Wow! What an impressive individual. One to watch"

Executive Summary
Patient-centricity is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry. It means taking into account the patient perspective to ensure campaigns are always relevant and effective. However, in the corporate world of pharma, the patient perspective can be forgotten leading to communications that aren't as impactful as they could be.
Putting people first however is not a trend for Amy. For her it's an essential part of building a healthcare communications business, supporting colleagues and most importantly delivering for patients. Something she has consistently done throughout her career. Amy lives and breathes patient-centricity, a dedication we believe should be celebrated.