ATM 50

ATM 50, Hope&Glory / Barclays
This classic media relations campaign used the 50th anniversary of the bank cash machine as a hook to position Barclays as an innovator. It landed 250 pieces of coverage – 30 in national newspapers.

Executive Summary
This piece of work demonstrates the enduring value of great media relations.

There is an often overlooked skill in landing perfect coverage that sweeps the board with media and dominates the agenda for a day. It was that which lay at the heart of this piece of work.

It landed 250 pieces of coverage for a single story -30 of those across the nationals.

62% of the population were aware of the story and 72% of those, that Barclays was the bank responsible. As important, two thirds agreed that it caused them to think of Barclays as a customer-centric innovator.