#bloodnormal, Ketchum / Essity (Libresse)
This groundbreaking campaign was intended to challenge the fact that periods are ignored by mainstream media, allowing societal stigmas and taboos to perpetuate.

The goal was to boost brand equity, positive perceptions, and affinity/loyalty to Libresse (Bodyform in the UK) among women – by helping the brand become a proponent of women’s empowerment.

Libresse partnered fashion bloggers, models, dancers, comedians and others to incorporate "periods" in their work. They became part of a short film depicting periods in a more honest way than viewers were accustomed to.

The blue liquid typically used to represent blood was replaced with red. But just as the film made the case for "normal", the view was pixelated, highlighting broadcast restrictions. The tagline was: "Periods are normal, showing them should be too."

For the launch, exclusives were secured in the UK and Nordics. The film was broadcast on social platforms simultaneously, and interest was maintained through a director Q&A and conversations involving key influencers.

The video was positively received in more than 17 countries and has over 2.9 million views on YouTube. PR generated more than 4.5 billion impressions and 510 stories in global news media.

Crucially, brand perceptions improved: 79 per cent of women agreed it encouraged them to live fearlessly, and 67 per cent that it was a brave brand.

Judge's comment:
"Great campaign, excellent execution"

Executive Summary
Global feminine hygiene brand Libresse (known as Bodyform in the UK) recognised a huge issue: there's virtually no mention of menstruation in popular culture, period.
In a survey of over 10,000 people, half said that they believed there is a stigma attached to periods.
An in-depth communications strategy was deployed to launch '#bloodnormal' - a reflection of women's real experiences that would trigger a candid global conversation on the current taboo.
#bloodnormal has resonated far and wide, generating positive reception in more than 17 countries to date, including the UK, France, Russia, Poland, Greece, India, Brazil, Chile and the U.S.