Flight HIV101

Flight HIV101, 90TEN / Gilead
Social-media influencers played a big role in the success of this campaign, which aimed to change the narrative around living with HIV from ‘life-support’ to ‘lifestyle’. ‘Flight HIV101’ – which featured a mock in-flight announcement – was co-created with gay HIV influencers to ensure it was authentic, trusted and ‘owned’ by the community.

Executive Summary
People living with HIV can now live as long as those without it, but the virus and its treatment can speed up the ageing process, increasing risk of illness later in life.

The campaign starred HIV positive drag queen and gay rights activist Panti Bliss and a cast of HIV positive men who rallied the community to start taking positive steps to help improve their future health prospects.

Flight HIV101 made long-term health a priority, started a conversation among people who had not considered it and led to 18% of the target population taking steps to improve their future health.