Fredd-inflation, W / MoneySuperMarket’s brief for W was to make personal finance compelling and relevant, positioning the price-comparison site as a brand that helps households makes the most of their money, and to help it stand out against rivals.

Using the 'retirement' of the old style of £10 note as its hook, the campaign listed how prices of everyday items had changed – factoring in inflation and wage growth – since the note was introduced in 2000.

House prices had risen by 132 per cent and electricity costs by 133 per cent. However, the list was topped by Cadbury's frog-shaped chocolate product, Freddo – the price of which was hiked by a staggering total of more than 200 per cent, from 10p to 30p each.

The story – released on 28 February, and focused on Freddo but including other price hikes – received huge publicity in titles including the Daily Mirror, The Sun and Daily Mail, with featured articles on the Mail, Sun and Metro websites.

Nine days later, after much uproar, Cadbury reduced the price of a Freddo to 25p – triggering yet more coverage.

There were 319 pieces of coverage in total, and 1.2 million mentions on social media in the UK.

The campaign put Moneysupermarket at the heart of the conversations and was heralded, particularly by nostalgic younger generations, as a brand on their side. Coverage landed equally on personal finance pages and in lifestyle and news sections of target media, reaching a broad audience.

Judge's comment:
"Great outcome. Simple idea"

Executive Summary
When the old £10 note was headed for retirement W and MoneySupermarket analysed price inflation since it was introduced in 2000. Using smart thinking, desk research and zero budget, we provoked a national outcry and prompted a price cut from one of the world's biggest brands.

The biggest riser was the humble Freddo chocolate bar, which had skyrocketed in price by shocking 200%. Media and public went nuts about the findings. Even Jeremy Corbyn pledged to look into it. Within weeks Cadbury acknowledged the outcry and announced it was reducing Freddo from 30p to 25p.