Fuel Banks

Fuel Banks, Golin / npower
This campaign showcased Npower’s Fuel Bank network partnership with foodbanks, which offers a top-up voucher to people in crisis. Golin worked with the Institute for Public Policy Research to uncover the impact of austerity on household budgets, and collaborated with food writer and activist Jack Monroe to highlight the message on fuel poverty.

Executive Summary
From Theresa May to the man on the street, energy companies are perceived as indifferent to the hardship caused by rising energy prices. To challenge this perception, we showcased npower's Fuel Bank network (in partnership with the Trussell Trust) providing foodbank users in the UK with free gas and electricity. From working with the IPPR to engage influential stakeholders in politics and the third sector, to bringing home the reality of the 'heat or eat' dilemma with Jack Monroe and the 'Heat or Eat' restaurant, we positioned npower as the energy company doing the most to tackle fuel poverty.