Monarch Airlines: Britain's biggest peacetime repatriation

Monarch Airlines: Britain's biggest peacetime repatriation, UK Civil Aviation Authority
CAA worked fast after the collapse of Monarch in 2017, using a multi-layered comms approach for the repatriation effort. The Authority was on air within 15 minutes of the collapse, developed an hour-by-hour plan for the first 48 hours and issued a daily update. With more than 150 broadcast interviews in the first 48 hours, the campaign helped shift the focus from holidaymakers being stranded to them being helped home.

Executive Summary
The administration of Monarch Airlines on October 2nd 2017 became one of the largest airline insolvencies in UK history with 110,000 people abroad when the company went into administration.
The Civil Aviation Authority created a communications campaign which played a critical role in the success of the major operation to bring home the passengers affected.
Ninety-eight per cent flew home on the date originally booked as they responded to the mix of traditional, paid-for and social media messaging which ensured "crisis" was not a label by which this integrated programme will be remembered.