Nothing Wrong With A Little Prick

Nothing Wrong With A Little Prick, The Romans / Thriva
The Romans was asked to create a ‘big bang’ moment for Thriva, billed as the world’s first preventative health service, which requires people to take a blood sample via a finger prick. The result was a cheeky campaign aimed at men aged 25-40, deemed most likely to benefit from the service.

Research by What Clinic in 2016 showed that, while men were 24 per cent less likely to book a GP appointment for minor health concerns, they outperformed on searching for symptoms and treatments online.

The agency enlisted Ant Smith, the self-styled owner of the UK’s smallest penis and author of The Small Penis Bible. Images were produced with the slogan "There’s nothing wrong with a little prick" featuring Smith, the Thriva logo and website details, and placed on two London billboard sites.

Rather than an ad campaign, the sites were a mechanism for the PR drive to announce the launch of Thriva and Smith’s involvement.

There were 13 pieces of national coverage on day one; 85 per cent of coverage used the imagery; and all the reports explained Thriva’s business and how its tests work.

Judge's comment:
"Truly exceptional. Great creativity - told on a tiny budget. Excellent results. Impact"

Executive Summary
Pricks, penises and PR penetration.
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