Securing Alfie His Medicine - End Our Pain

Securing Alfie His Medicine - End Our Pain, Tendo Consulting
To encourage the Home Office to take the unprecedented step of letting six-year-old Alfie Dingley have medicinal cannabis oil – a banned substance in the UK – to treat his aggressive and rare form of epilepsy, this campaign focused on the media and politicians, as well as celebrities. Following the campaign, the Home Office confirmed that a licence could be issued on compassionate grounds.

Executive Summary
6-year-old Alfie needed access to his medication, fast. His life is in danger with every seizure. We had to ensure that compassion triumphed over bureaucracy. Our fast-paced campaign was human, emotional and captured the medical cannabis issue in a way that the general public and politicians could understand. We mobilised the public and built an active base of cross-party supporters in Parliament. By the 20th March it felt as if every Politician in Westminster knew that Alfie needed access to his medicine. Alfie now stands on the brink of getting his licence and securing his medicine.