The Body Shop Forever Against Animal Testing

The Body Shop Forever Against Animal Testing, The Body Shop with Another Word Communications
This drive to gather eight million signatures on a petition urging an end to animal testing globally is on track to hit its target. A series of effective initiatives has included a dog 'protest' outside the UN building in New York and campaigning for the European Parliament to champion the cause.

Executive Summary
The Body Shop has always believed in beauty without cruelty. In June 2017, together with Cruelty Free International, it launched an ambitious global campaign calling for an end to the cruel practice of animal testing in cosmetics, everywhere and forever. With a combination of media outreach, influencer engagement and creative campaigning, Forever Against Animal Testing is already one of the most successful campaigns ever run by the Body Shop. Activity delivered over 66,900 uses of the campaign hashtag and over 22,000 pieces of coverage, leading to 6m consumer signatures in support of a global ban.