‘The Knowledge+’ Creating London’s 4th Emergency Service with mytaxi

‘The Knowledge+’ Creating London’s 4th Emergency Service with mytaxi, Taylor Herring / mytaxi
Taylor Herring led a PR campaign for licensed black-cab app mytaxi, highlighting differences in the quality of service provided by cabbies.

Research found that more than half of mytaxi drivers had been booked as an alternative to an ambulance; over two-thirds had made emergency hospital trips. This inspired the creation of ‘The Knowledge +’ – with input from a range of experts in designing interactive training sessions and online tutorials for the voluntary driver-training course.

A ‘manifesto’ was created to explain the initiative to drivers and the public, amplified in a short animated video.

Ten black cabs were fitted with defibrillators the week before launch and 100 fitted with first-aid kits. Case studies focused on drivers who had experienced helping stroke and heart-attack victims, or women giving birth in cabs.

At launch, many national news outlets ran the story. There have been a further 200 articles since the courses went live.

Results were impressive, with a 16.5 per cent increase in app downloads and a 7.5 per cent uplift in bookings week-on-week as a result of campaign. The overall mytaxi London business grew by 101 per cent year on year in November 2017.

Judges’ comment:
"Inspired creative idea based on incisive strategic insight"

Executive Summary
A ground breaking campaign for the black cab app mytaxi which built upon the world's most famous taxi training course by equipping the company's fleet of 17,500 London black cab drivers with the skills and
knowledge to become first responders and potential life savers.

The campaign delivered a world-first taxi driver training course which saw first aid kits being fitted in black cabs as standard for the very first time. Results included worldwide media coverage and key hits across key London press including ITV London Tonight, BBC Breakfast, LBC, BBC London Radio, Metro and Evening Standard.