There But Not There

There But Not There, Newsfeed PR and Good Broadcast / Remembered
This powerful charity campaign, to raise funds and mark the centenary of the end of World War I, involved the installation of Remembered’s solider silhouette logo in four UK locations. Celebrity backing helped raise almost £2m after extensive media coverage, and nearly 10,000 table-top ‘Tommy’ figures were sold.

Executive Summary
Newsfeed PR launched a national campaign to commemorate the centenary of the end the First World War on behalf of the charity Remembered. We installed ghostly silhouettes of First World War soldiers - or 'Tommies' - all over the UK. With an investment of less than £25,000, we raised £1 million in the 24 hours after launching, with a rising total of £1.95 million raised to date. Since launch, we have inspired at least 82 communities to host their own Tommy installations and more six foot Tommies are sold every day.