When Life Gives You Melons

When Life Gives You Melons, The Romans / Freya Lingerie
The Romans shunned traditional lingerie marketing tropes in this humorous and successful campaign for lingerie brand Freya.

Based on the idea that Freya’s target audience of 16- to 25-year-olds don’t want to dress for men – and want to be inspired and entertained rather than marketed at – an online entertainment platform was created, by and for women.

Titled When Life Gives You Melons, a podcast series "about work, life, sex and boobs" launched with Maya Jama (also a Freya model) as the presenter. Episodes titles included The Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On and The Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Had. Each included celebrity appearances, from Anna Richardson and Gemma Cairney, among others.

What set Melons apart from other branded podcasts was the willingness to embrace subjects frankly. Discussion points ranged from the outlandish (burning nipples by having sex over an Aga) to serious life challenges, such as having parents who are drug addicts.

According to iTunes, When Life Gives You Melons is the most successful branded podcast created in Europe to date, having spent months on the charts. Media relations resulted in a reach of 1.1 billion. Freya attributed a year-on-year sales uplift of five per cent directly to the podcast.

Judge's comment:
"Great use of celebrity, brilliant campaign"

Executive Summary
How do you reinvent a brand for a young female audience in a category that hasn't changed for 50 years?

Here's the story of how we created the UK's most successful branded podcast and in doing so, demonstrated the commercial value of entertaining your customers rather than advertising at them.