Windrush campaign

Windrush campaign, IMiX, JCWI (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants), Praxis Community Projects, Refugee and Migrant Centre, Runnymede Trust
This campaign aimed to ensure the UK government recognised the status of the "Windrush generation" of immigrants, some of whom faced deportation due to paperwork issues. Focusing on personal testimonies, the campaign worked with journalists and politicians to highlight the problems. The scandal forced the resignation of then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd, with her successor, Sajid Javid, committing to creating a ‘fair and humane’ immigration system.

Executive Summary
We ran a campaign to get the Windrush generation's status in the UK recognised.

Many Windrush people had been stopped by the Home Office from accessing benefits and services, and been detained or deported because they couldn't prove their right to live in the UK.

We used the Commonwealth Summit, working with parliamentarians, High Commissioners, a small group of journalists, and affected people, to exert pressure on the government.

The resulting media coverage and political fallout dominated the agenda for weeks, leading to a government apology and a process to confirm the Windrush generation's status, transforming hundreds of people's lives.