Yay Delay

Yay Delay, The Romans / Gordon's Gin
Already a well-known brand, Diageo’s Gordon’s Gin wanted to go further and become the first drink people would turn to after finishing work on a Friday. Not the easiest of briefs for The Romans.

The agency shunned obvious social-media stars and focused on far more influential people in this context, who vociferously tweet every Friday night: delayed travellers. On average, tweets from London commuters deliver more than 100 million social impressions an hour during this core period.

The overall strategy was to flood people’s timelines between 5pm and 8pm on Fridays, making Gordon’s Gin synonymous with the first drink people have after work at the end of the week.

An algorithm was used to locate and target commuters affected by train delays and cancellations at major London stations and offer them the chance to claim a free gin and tonic at the station.

The tactic worked wonders: commuters moaned about their travel woes while enjoying a drink and spontaneously posted their experiences on social media.

Tens of thousands of gin and tonics were given away during the campaign, which had a total media reach of 1.5 billion, with pieces in almost all national newspapers, as well as 7.4 million social-media engagements – the vast majority (86 per cent) taking place between 4.30pm and 8.30pm on a Friday.

Judges’ comment:
"Training angry people into advocates is genius"

Executive Summary
Here's how we turned furious commuters into the most unlikely of influencers to get people thinking about a Gordon's and tonic on Friday evenings.