Laura Wood

Head of Global PR, Brand & Partnerships, Jaguar Land Rover
For over 20 years I have worked passionately in the area of PR and integrated communications. I have developed campaigns and delivered communications strategies, both globally and locally, that produce solid and measurable results. Along the way I have had the pleasure of working with and nurturing world-class teams. Together we have broken new ground, delivered class-leading communications campaigns and learnt more than I believed possible. During this time I have also honed some critical skills, including strategy, creativity, leadership, diplomacy and relationship building. I pride myself on being able to spot trends and find ways to apply them to a business need, to nurture relationships that bring value back into business, to listen, craft and deliver time and time again. Outside of work I juggle three kids, two horses, two dogs, a love of outdoor living and equestrian and winter sports. I also consider myself a committed sometimes runner, irregular tennis player, keen photographer, avid reader and enthusiastic explorer.