Top Tips from the Judges

The PRWeek Awards ‘How to write a winning entry’ Breakfast Briefing took place Monday 8 April, giving attendees all the hints and tips needed to give them the best chance of winning. Here is some of the valuable advice from previous winners, judges and the PRWeek editorial team about how to make your entry a successful one:

Top Tips

  1. The Entry Kit is your bible! Everything you need to know is in there - cover off all the criteria- you have to demonstrate you have achieved all points

  2. It might sound simple, but choose which category you enter into wisely, and make sure you’re hitting all of the entry criteria. 

  3. Start your entry with a bang and make your entry stand out! Get the first two pages right and keep the judges engaged. What is it that makes you different? Why do you do what you do? What do you stand for? Make your entry really jump out of the page.

  4. Work closely with your clients if you’re entering a campaign with them. Work with them and show why winning would benefit them - getting their buy in will make a real difference to your entry.

  5. Always include the results of your campaign. Results aren’t always about engagement and social media reach but instead about how have you changed people's behaviours, brought about change and made an impact. Showing outcomes of this is really important - don’t forget to include tangible results and to put all numbers in context.

  6. Include key information on your entries, including financial information. Don’t worry - all entered information is kept strictly confidential.

  7. Don’t get caught up working on and reworking on your entry to the point that it’s no longer clear. It’s always helpful to have someone with no background of the entry or campaign to read it to make sure it’s clear to them, and that it covers all of the entry criteria before submitting. 

Do's and Don'ts


  • Break from the norm of the PR world - let the people that work for you tell the story

  • Give yourself time to make your entry the best it can me

  • Think outside of the box - Prove your work matters & is needed

  • Think hard about what category you’re entering into - is it most appropriate for what you have achieved? Make sure to tailor your entry to the category and entry criteria.

  • See what people actually feel about you - let that ring true!

  • Be simple, effective, creative - the judges see multiple people a day so make sure you stand out


  • Don’t rush your entry - judges will be able to tell and it is a waste of everyone's time
  • Check for typos, spelling and grammar! Small errors can lead to a big impact on the judges
  • Don't lose your authenticity, recognise your issues and show you're developing
  • *Never make the mistake that you need to be ‘all bells and whistles’ digitally to win*
  • Don’t hide anything. Judges will see through it . If any aspect isn’t up to scratch - own up to this, explain why and provide evidence of what you’re doing to change it. Judges like honesty!