David Bowles

Head Public Affairs , RSPCA

As Head of Public Affairs, I coordinate the RSPCA's political, local government and campaign work in UK and Europe. The organisation, 200 years old in June, was the first animal welfare organisation in the world and was set up to investigate and prosecute animal welfare offences. The RSPCA public affairs team worked with politicians to steer eight laws through two jurisdictions in 2023. Its campaigns empowered its 270,000 campaigners to take 235,000 actions during the year. David is a Board member of the Association of Dog and Cat Homes and the government's advisors, the Canine and Feline Sector Council. He is also a Board member of the World Federation for Animals. David has worked for the RSPCA for 28 years during which time he has been closely involved with campaigns to change the animal welfare legislation such as the Animal Welfare Act, the battery cage ban and the live exports ban.