The tech-focused agency had a superb year, growing revenue by one third as it added 25 net new clients, and profit hit £1m for the first time. It evolved its offer with investment in its planning function, and established an eight-person creative team under its first creative director.

Executive Summary
Welcome to Harvard. Driven by a passion for tech and fuelled by an open, diverse, entrepreneurial culture and strong vision in 2017 revenue grew by 32% and profits by 28%, hitting £1m profit for the first time.

We've added 25 net new clients equating to £1.3m in annualised fees, while retaining 95.2% of our revenue and creative and digital work increased 74% year-on-year; accounting for a third of our revenue.

Our NPS score is 9.0 and 9.1/10 for staff and clients respectively who would say Harvard is a great place to work at or work with.