The Truth. Undressed

Agency: Evoke MInd+Matter, AnalogFolk and EssenceMediaCom
Client: Bayer. Canesten

Introducing Canesten UK’s ‘The Truth, Undressed’ - a ground-breaking EDUCATION-AT-SCALE initiative. In a first, we partnered with PSHE Association, the national curriculum education body, to break down the misconceptions and taboos that surround vulval anatomy and vaginal health. Using unedited, real-life photographs of vulvas of all shapes, sizes and tones, we created lesson plans, a microsite and bold social films. To date, our teaching materials have been downloaded more than 1,000 times. Meanwhile, our microsite has received over 700K visits, to date. Cutting straight to the uncensored truth, we are helping young people fight the shame and stigma surrounding intimate health.