‘Wear a Bloody Mask’ – a public service message to encourage mask use

Wise Protec

Agency: Ready10

Tech innovators Wise Protec developed & launched a new face mask which destroyed 99.5% of the COVID-19 virus on contact. ​ ​ We were briefed to drive brand awareness by communicating the product’s unique ‘anti-viral’ capabilities. At that time, the UK was one of the slowest European markets to adopt mask use, affecting local sales. ​ ​ Capturing the public’s attention, we created ‘Wear A Bloody Mask’. A digital storybook narrated by Brian Blessed which communicated the importance of wearing – a bloody – mask. ​ ​ We exceeded the campaign KPIs by 177%. The content was featured on national broadcast, and online brand searches spiked by 90%.​