Top Tips and Advice

Read through our previous judges top tips to entering

Do accept that there is a time commitment and you will have to find time to do your entry properly. Make the effort and don't leave it to the last minute.

Don’t forget about supporting material. Ensure you’ve included it for a reason. Videos can help visually tell the story, but these need to be entertaining and relevant.

Don’t just tell us you have great results (everyone does – that’s why they’re entering) Put them in context for us and talk about the tangible benefits.

Engage your clients with whole process of entering, their involvement could could make a winning entry.

Preparation is key for any categories with a second stage presentation/visit, so keep that in mind when entering.

Read through the previous winners advice when entering

Read the Entry Kit. And then read it again. Everything you need to know is in there.

Be open and up front about what didn’t work well too. Don't try and hide it from the judges. But do explain it.

The agency site visits - watch the clock and use your time wisely. Don’t just let the judges meet the most senior members, let them meet the whole team from most junior to most senior.