#Halloween Twitter

Client: Twitter UK

Agency: Flying Object

It’s Tweeters who make Twitter. Our keyboard comedians fill our feeds with the most honest and relatable conversations on the internet. But Twitter’s unique ability to share these conversations is lost on some people. Our mission is to win them over with creative reminders of just how honest, hilarious and uninhibited our Tweeters can be.

Everyone on Twitter knows that real life is a lot more jitter-inducing than broomsticks and bogeymen. So on Halloween we took to the streets to remind our cooped-up community that Twitter was still buzzing with the funniest, most unfiltered, conversations about real life in all its angst-ridden rawness.

Just like the most garishly gruesome Halloween costumes, we dressed our Tweets up in devilish day-glo and brought them to life after dark. Illustrators splashed eye-poppingly colourful, glow-in-the-dark street-art monsters across mural spots in Shoreditch and Peckham, all bathed in UV light, all depicting different ‘monsters’ from everyday life.

In London’s spooky Clink Street Tunnel, by the witchcraft of projection mapping, ghoulish apparitions gave new life to a gaggle of Tweets about those everyday fears that haunt our waking hours.

And those restless thoughts that gnaw our souls at night burst from the earth like grisly zombies, in the shape of a 20 metre-long shadow puppet that chased passers-by through the tunnel beneath Southwark Bridge.

At every stage we stuck to Covid protocols, creating larger-than-life outdoor experiences that lifted people’s spirits without putting them at risk.